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Posted:I've recently made some fireswords... and I am using basic poi movements to make up some moves, but I was wondering if there were any structured tips/videos that anyone else knows of when performing with 2 fireswords.

<--- Heres what I got...

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Posted:Firstly.... Is if the camera or is that fire greenish?

Secondly, you could take it upon yourself to learn some sort of traditional martial art, maybe something Chinese, and apply that.
Or you could apply double staff techniques.

I think MCP (amongst others) has had a video or two where she uses fire swords. I would search for it now, but I'm.... well... lazy and hungry. Maybe later I'll check =).

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Posted:since your using fireswords modelled on bokens look for katana tutorials
you might get some techniques&tutorials from this guy
br>on 1 sword techniques.
for some advanced stuff have a look at
br>and in general learning some double staff will help your understanding of movement with a high balance point blade like that smile

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Posted:@meshunderlay Yeah I like to play with green fire-- it's my favorite color-- Also if you're able to find the "MCP" videos that'd be awesome!

@liquidtrance This ChosonNinja dude is a badass! and I never thought of looking up doublestaff tutorials-- Thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it!


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Posted:IDK much about Katana style, my training is chinese straight sword so I can't tell u much there. But what I DO know is THEY ARE PRETTY grin

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Posted:You could also look into clubswinging, but I think you might need to change it quite a bit to get the focus right.

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Posted:those things look badass!

I think using just one sword would definitely make it a bit more fluid and dynamic. Getting comfortable with both hands using the sword, then you could start working with 2 at once.


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Posted:a really useful excersise (taken from wu shu sword forms) is to stand with your arm fully extended straight out (horizontal). holding the sword also extended from this position you need to swing the sword in a circle in front and then behind you. basically your swinging in a really fine fiqure 8. the goal is to get the sword to come as close as possible to the inside and outside of your arm as it swings.

some things to note. your arm and hand should not move, it will to begin with but try and reduce this as much as possible. it's better to swing in a wider fig 8 than move your arm.

Your thumb and forefinger should always remain locked around the hilt of the sword. this is for safety, if you watch the stupidly good Wu Shu artists they do these super fast crazy ass sword flairs and twirls. what they are doing is exactly what i'm teaching here just really fast. once you get good and start doing it fast the momentum will throw the sword out of your hand... unless you have that thumb and forefinger lock!!!!

Lastly and very importantly, the point of rotation is from the wrist, not the hand. don't cheat by letting the sword roll losely around in your hand. this follows on from the thumb and forefinger, if you have correct technique qith that then you should have correct rotation technique.

basically to do this properly you will need to improve your wrist flexibility. but if you can master it in both directions with both hands it will look sick!! especially if you are dual weilding and doing it in split time!!!!! aah yeah, the images in my head... that's hot.


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