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Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
Member Since: 10th Dec 2008
Total posts: 10
Posted:Hello every body. I am trying to find out if there would be any interest in a poi event in the Dallas TX area. And what types of things that everyone would wont to see if they came to it.

David Demonja


Member Since: 2nd Apr 2009
Total posts: 2
Posted:I am a Burner in Missouri, but I am getting ready to move to the DFW area and am looking for other Burners to spin with. I spin staff and am learning poi and dart, not to mention working on a couple of fire swords. I am wanting to workout some fire combat with staff and swords/sword & shield, for show not life and death (lol). I can be contacted directly at merlin_four11@yahoo.com. Look forward to meeting cool new Burners. Also, I am active with a classic Sideshow here and would be interested in starting one in the area when I get there, maybe mix fire and sideshow, just an idea.

Fire is an animal that must be treated with respect or it will quite literally eat you out of house and home.

Location: dallas, tx
Member Since: 31st Oct 2009
Total posts: 1
Posted:check out across the street bar on lower greenvile in dallas. they have open fire meets and drum jams every wednesday night


HaRdEr stylE LiVIn
Location: U.S.A. Mansfield, TX
Member Since: 5th Apr 2010
Total posts: 6
Posted:i think everyone of us frm dfw should just meet up and teach eachother what we know. it would be perfect for all of us crazy ass mofozzz. lol

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Cooler than bubblegum!
Location: Dallas, Texas
Member Since: 26th Feb 2010
Total posts: 2501
Posted:Just like herding cats! You and JaredW are really close to one another.

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Location: Flying south for the winter.
Member Since: 26th Oct 2009
Total posts: 375
Posted:There's lots of events you can spin at. Quartz and Jesters April 23rd - 25th, 420Manual April 16th - 18th, WZ^2 April 30th - May 2nd which is also having a poi workshop, Cinco De Mayo party on Gaston May 5th. The list goes on and on laugh3

You are damn close to me too, we should definitely go spin somewhere. Going to Systematic Static this weekend though and you can't spin at the Lounge. Hate that place but got a lot of friends going to be playing that party.

The Hendricks Experience
Location: Texas
Member Since: 4th Apr 2010
Total posts: 41
Posted:I have access to 11 acres about an hour and a half north of dallas if anyone would be interested in a fire gathering/campout sometime this summer- contact me directly at d_hendricks@live.com

crazy ass mofozzz only of course, lol

"it is something to be able to paint a picture, or to carve a statue, and so to make a few objects beautiful; but it is far more glorious to carve and paint the very atmosphere and medium through which we look," thoreau


Location: Flying south for the winter.
Member Since: 26th Oct 2009
Total posts: 375
Posted:We're already doing that.


The Duke
Location: Frisco, TX, US
Member Since: 25th Oct 2010
Total posts: 170
Posted:A little late on this thread,
but yall still spinning around the Dallas area?
I'm in the Frisco/McKinney area, and no one spins here smirk Just looking for some people to spin with! I'm open commute if it's not too far grin

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