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ok so i've been looking around for some different fuels to try and i'm hoping to get some feedback. espisially on limonene, white gas(colemens), lamp oil, and methonal.
i'm looking mostly at flash point, burn time, ignition, smell, and how it looks burning.

also anyone heard of jojoba oil??
i've heard you can burn with it but i haven't found a ton of info on it.

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I like to use shellsoltk (sold as firewater by juggleart in Melbourne) or isopar G, but then I'm in Australia and we do things differently here grin

See here for some more details:

(confest is a communal arts festival run a couple of times a year).

Failing that ultrapure lamp oil, kerosene or citronella. Citronella can give some people asthma, but I'm usually on a beach with some breeze.

Methanol burns cleanly but I find the flame is hard to see unless you've put a dye in it.

There's alot of good info here:

particularly for international discussion this one:

and for a North American slant here:


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generally paraffin (aka kerosene/lamp oil) is the most commonly used fuel for fire spinning, you can use methanol for coloured flames or if you want to lower the flashpoint of paraffin(good if it's really cold and getting things lit is tricky). Fire-water is a more expensive alternative but is a must for those rare occasions when you do an indoor fireshow, it's lack of smoke/fumes is much more suitable:)

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Okay here's the low down on my end. I'm in the states and I hate straight Kero. Its too orange, oily and smoky and makes your tools REEK. I think its disgusting cause I usually like to breathe while spinning. That being said Kero has a GREAT burn time, it burns slowly, and lights slowly so itll take a bit to light up.

Coleman's burns clean, BRIGHT, and is explosive so it lights like a fire cracker. However it burns fast! Its great fire fire eating torches but doesnt last at all for poi etc.

So here's what I do: I mix Kerosene and colemans. 60-70% coleman's to 40-30% Kerosene. The more kerosene the slower burning and more dirty the burn. The more Coleman's, the brighter and cleaner but faster burn. Play around with this mix and see what you get.

I know others who dip in kero, blot, then dip in colemans for that nice "whoosh" on lighting up and the longer burn as it gets down to the kero.

That's what I know.

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