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Posted:Hi, my name is Irina aka Rainbow Peacock, I am a face and body painter, living in New Orleans Nov-May and in Portland,OR mid May-mid July, I also do Oregon Country Fair. I am looking for contacts with poi-spinners in NOLA and Portland for creative projects. You can check my body-art on in 'photo gallery". I am especially interested in UV-glow Poi, because my paints glow in UV light, so it can be an awesome visual effect for photo-video or show. Please, e-mail me directly at if you are interested in collaborating. I am also looking for UV-lit clubs in Portland, let me know if you know any! Thanks! Happy trails!

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Posted:Rainbow Peacock your stuff is unreal!!! Do you practice on Poi spinners? you should!

I wish you were in Melbourne, I love body paint... especially uv and have some uv Contact Juggling Balls which would look unreal with the body paint. does the paint come off on stuff that you touch once its dry? or do you think i could roll my contact ball around my body without much problems.


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