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Posted:So I've been doing poi for almost 2 years now and I've gotten into contact juggling and rope dart as well. I've just recently gotten into teaching and performing and running events.
I'm hoping to go and live in Spain later this year for a whole year and while i'm there I would like to continue teaching and learning poi and making tutorials in Spanish. grin
To do this I need to learn the spanish vocab of the fire twirling community and how to talk about all the tricks and different diciplines.

I read a very interesting article by Tim Ferris (read The 4 hour work week) which says that the best way to learn a language is to read about things that interest you in that language. So, while i've done spanish for the last 2 years its all quickly leaving me while i sit here at work and try to save money to get overseas. I have spare time at work to read up on poi on the net but i'm struggling to find good informative sites on poi and the like in spanish. Can anyone help?

Also good slang for what poi and fire twirling and the other diciplines are called would also be useful. Considering I'm planning to go traveling to a lot of places First i'd love that slang in Spanish but also in any other languages as well! any good lingo for these circus arts in any languages would be helpful (but especially spanish) and it would be a great resource for others as well! please help?

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Posted:I do know that in German, a stall in poi is "Halt." But the only other spinner I know who happens to be German uses all of the English terms.

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Posted:the purpose for knowing this stuff is so i can look up good spanish poi and juggling sites and read about stuff in spanish so that i can re-learn my spanish.


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Posted:WOw that is quite the predicament. I'm sure there are plenty of sites in spanish. I am fluent myself but IDK much spanish poi terminology. Try google-ing "Quemadores De Espana" see what you get. Idk if the term "burners" would make sense in spanish I've never tried. The term "Bailando con fuego" (dancing with fire) works the same though.

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Posted:the spanish call poi 'Cariocas'.

Juggling is Malabarismo. or Malabares, depending etc etc.

To dance, is Bailar.

Clubs are Claves.

Ball is Bola, or Pelota.

Spanish are great. their juggling terms are mainly literal tranlations into spanish. or they use English.

try looking at www.k8malabares.com for more words.

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