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Posted:A while back I ordered some DVDs and products from HoP, delivered to the UK. I was gob-smacked by having to make a trip to the post-office and pay 8 pounds in VAT. I want to know what other people's experience is.

Has anybody else been stung with import VAT? Was it for DVDs or poi?

Sports equipment should be VAT exempt, but I'm not sure if poi counts as a sport.

Check here for details:
The long and short is that you have to pay import VAT (at 17.5%) on goods with a value exceeding 18 pounds.

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Posted:I get this occasionally from imports. It seems to be a bit random as to whether your parcel gets charged or not but there's always a chance. It's annoying, but it's the rules frown

Trying to get poi added as an exception would be a mighty battle indeed!


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Posted:You may be able to declare under this code whilst shipping

9506 99 90 00
(link to customs rate details)
it's the only sports or games equipment I can find which has a possibility of Zero rated Vat, and that would only be under certain circumstances. unfortunately New Zealand does not appear to get zero rate (not third worldy enough for preferential rates)

Any third country goods entering the UK unless labelled as a gift stands to incur standard rate of VAT at border inspection post / clearing house, which must be paid in full before receipt, excepting some products for children or food. some stuff may get through without cost but only because a dodgy clearing house has labelled a large group of cargo as a single commodity to save time / effort. If you get something VAT free from NZ then somoeones done something wrong or paid the VAT for you accidentally, it happens a lot.

So Dom - If HoP ever needs anyone with experience in international shipping and clearance you knows where to find me wink my rates are quite reasonable and I believe the climate is similar to here so I wouldn't melt laugh3

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Posted:My new LED hoop (not from HoP, obviously, as they don't sell 'em, from the US) got charged for VAT, despite being labelled as a 'gift'.. (Which it was, it was my birthday present, so I didn't actually have to pay it myself..)


If that's okay with you?


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