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Posted:Hey !!

I've done a video showing the results of what i was working these days. There is some swing and juggling tricks with clubs.
The title is " les roches qui dansent" ( dancing rocks). It's also the name of the place where i filmed the juggling tricks. Some people say that the legend is that when it's christmas, at the 12 stroke of the bell, the rocks begin to dance. Other people say that this place is a shelter for elves and fairies.

Anyway, i hope you will like it.

Tell me what you think of it and what aspects I need to improve.

here it is :

les roches qui dansent

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Posted:Je pense c'est vous qui dansent, pas les roches, n'est-ce pas?

Very nice video, and some very nice music picked as well.

Perhaps it's just a bit too much to drink that makes the rocks dance, no? ^_^ =)