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Posted:Hey guys,

I'm heading to France this week for a few days and I'm thinking of bringing my buugeng with me. I'm also only bringing hand luggage and was wondering if anybody as had any hassle bringing buugeng on to a plane with them?



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Posted:idk, but I'd also like to know if anyone gets troubles with poi or staff in luggage.

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Just had to google what a buugeng is. And dude! Those things are flipping sweet!

I think they'd only let you put that sucker in the hold.

There are countless threads about taking poi and staff onto planes. I'm sure any advice in those threads could be applied to your utterly badass prop smile

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Posted:I'm thinking that you might be right.

They will probably fall under the blunt implement catagory. Apparently pool and snooker balls come under that too. Last time I flew I went through with 10 acrylics and wasn't even asked to stop. lets hope its the same this time.

I've read through a few other threads and I'm thinking I can do without for a few days. lol

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Posted:Huh. That's neat, but what's the point if you can't set it on fire?

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Posted:You can't set THOSE ones on fire...:D

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I think the whole performance is worth watching, fire bugeng from 4:58


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Posted:what's the trouble of checking them in?

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Posted:Originally Posted By: FireTomwhat's the trouble of checking them in?

Buugeng are quite delicate. Baggage handlers are not grin


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Posted:I got mine checked in fine in a rucksack with the rest of my gear, they arrived without issue smile

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Posted:were can i get a set of these bad boys this is intense

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Posted:Don't worry, flights will probably still be cancelled so you won't end up needing to worry wink

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