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Posted:Hey guys, this is a video of a performance my group, IGC (Illini Glowsticking Club), and my DJ friend gave to celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Tiger!

I thought the poi community would enjoy/appreciate this much much better than the glowsticking community so I posted here first. ^_^ This is just a performance, not a battle, not a competition. We are not professionals, but we work with the skills and time we got. We are all college students with busy busy lives.

I use glowsticks but I would not identify myself as a glowsticker. I am no purist. I am a hybrid spinner inspired by glowsticking, poi, dance, and much more. I am creative and always like to try new things as you will see in the video. I spin for the love of this art that can incorporate aspects of so many other disciplines.

I hope my choreography will inspire and help our community to continue evolving.

I have not seen any sorts of group choreographed performances like mine in the glowsticking community, except for a rare case of some glowstick battling group's video, which is taboo in the glowsticking community.

I don't support battling with glowsticks either. The weird thing is, the glowsticking community is against group performances of any kind, even if it isn't battling. I think that greatly limits the advancement of glowsticking. I find it is such a shame, because there is so much you can do with just one person in glowsticking, and if you increase the number of people. The possibilities for new designs and patterns of light become exponentially more. Then, if you take into account the color combinations of different colored glowstick the possibilities just increase another tenfold. I don't know why some purist glowstickers can't see the beauty of group poi performances being manifested in glowsticking. ;/

I have always had the dream of making group glowsticking a reality since i started glowsticking 8 years ago. It started out as a rather sloppy endeavour (u can find evidence of this on my older youtube videos if u are really curious) but now it's finally coming close to making my dream a reality. I hope that you pro spinners out there can help carry this even further! I know you can.

Happy New Year, and may the spirit of the Tiger be with u! ^_^

The poi community gave me great inspiration to make this happen.
Thank you so much

Constructive criticism welcome! I'm always looking to improve and share ideas.


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