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Pommy Bubbles
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Pommy Bubbles

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I'm michael, I spin poi and staff at the moment,

I'm looking for people to spin with.

Can teach, keen to learn.

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Posted:wave hiya! grin

first off...this should probably be in the "meet others" section...not chat smile you're more likely to find some hoppers over there who might be able to point you in the durection of a regular meet or something? grin

i'm pretty sure there was a regular meet... umm maybe if you pm gnor (she's the only wa hopper i can think of right now!) or you could check out this site for info on perth firey things! grin

i'm on the other side of the country, but i hope that was helpful! laugh3

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Posted:IF you are on Facebook you could add the application that Ben Longstaff made called Global Fire Guide.

its great and I'm quite sure has some events listed that are happening in perth with contact details and such


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Posted:Hyde Park in North Perth, 8ish onwards on most Tuesday nights.

Err north side of park near the big mosaics

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Posted:damn, I was hoping you ment perth, scotland there frown

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