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Dear fellow spinners,
im gonna be in Thailand for the next few months and really need to learn some new moves, I am stuck in old school land! Help!
Does anybody know where and with who I can invest some time in learning new stuff?
And also need some new twirling gear, so does anyone know of any good place to buy gear, preferably in Bangkok or Ko Pagnan, but anywhere will do.
Thank you.

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Be carful of fire toys sold in Thailand They tend to be made from dodgy aspestos type stuff that falls to bits when you light them.
I think i read somewhere on here that there's a place in Bangkok that sells better gear.
You might want to do a "Durbs" and use the serch.

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AranorGOLD Member
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I am also in Thailand at present, in Phuket, but will be in Bangkok in a week and Chiang Mai afterwards, if you're interested.

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Hey Aranor,

thanks for the reply, I would love to get some spinning in together, but unfortunately our iteneries dont meet.

I am in Koh Tao at the moment and will be there for a while.

Happy Spinning anyway.


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Best place to buy new gear is in Bangkok... Ooud Juggling Cafe... near Riverline Guesthouse, close to Pra Artit/ Pra Sumen Park... just connect to some of the (Thai) spinners there and you should find him... he's a legend amongst (Thai) spinners, as he was the first one there.

Be careful with the white wick... as mentioned before: it's cheap - but it doesn't last.

Koh PhaNgan.... place to buy: Haad Rin - place to spin: Haad Tien

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psy-cookieBRONZE Member
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im in Chiang mai!!!! hit me on here to meet up!!!

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