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Posted:Hello a friend of mine was practicing "tangled beat weaves" and I was wondering if anyone else was familiar with them and how to do them? Thanks for the help.


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Posted:It is a good intro to that sort of thing. Never really gotten into it though.

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Posted:the 2d nature of the pic makes it look like a air wrap to me.

But the explaination is more of a hyperloop.

in essence you are creating a vector pull on the poi chord, temporarily displacing the forces that your spinning produces. You will find that the force being placed on your poi increase by about 3 times, drops down to 2 times and then sits on about half, all through the first micro seconds of your tangle. This increase, then decrease of force, combining with a shortening of the poi circumference leads to a dramatic increase in the velocity of the poi head, then a dramatic decrease, again within the first part of the tangle.

so if your poi head weighed 1kg, when you first do your tangle the poi goes to 3kg then to 2 kg then to .5kg. This is also amplified by the fact that each poi is creating this pull on eah other, so you have a 3kg weight pulling on another 3kg weight, which will inturn lead to another exponential increase in force. This is only mitigated by the decrease in angles of the poi chord as it completes its tangel.

So there

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Posted:Originally Posted By: leospoiOh but it does have a point!, actually it has 2 points.
The poi tangle in a certain point near the middle after all...
Besides it's also a starting point for learning to play and flow with tangles.

True, but as an individual "move", I personally think it's pretty pointless and very limiting. I can't see myself ever using it much. Sure it's fun to play with, and helps with tangle theory, but then again so do hyperloops and air wraps, which IMO are a lot more practical.

I wouldn't recomend not learning them, but I also wouldn't advise anyone spending a large amount of time on them. But that's just the oppinion of someone who has been spinning for a year, and may be more practical than I give it credit for. So what the hell do I know tongue2

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