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wan hwo ren
wan hwo ren

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Posted:This is an amazing video by Woody Harrelson:


play fire guy

Are we there yet?
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Posted:very nice

still can't believe it's not butter
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Posted:hey cool sentiments on the vid, but i have a sneaking suspicion that it is also collectively we who are 'the man' as well
Earasmus Darwin once said that he who allows it shares in the crime. I'm not exactly implying that we're evil, it's just that it's easier to ignore than to confront. I could bowl for columbine, but my wrist would hurt.

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Tai... grrrrr
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Posted:thanks for sharing wan. it just reminds me that i'm not nearly strong enough to follow my own ideals in a world i disagree with. Self hate gets me through this life while forgiving everyone else for ignorance i assume they have.

Strive to Love everything for exactly what it is. Even though you can never understand all the extents of anything.


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Posted:I liked the music.