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BasstonesGOLD Member
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Hi all,

Hoping we might have a few resident club gurus who may be familiar with the radical fish range. A bit specific I know but no one else has been able to give me an answer...

A couple of years ago I received 3x yang radical fish clubs (White w/ black trim) from here, which have been my main set of clubs and Ive loved them.

Recently bought 1x yin club from oddballs as a replacement and have noticed its different to my other clubs. Immediately noticed that;
Bulge is slightly smallerLength is slightly longerEnd knob is smaller
Beard website lists no specs, and doesn't list options for different weight. Oddballs says (shipping) weight of 210g, Juggleart says 200g. Called JA and they did mention a 180g is available for the rest of the radical fish range, but not the ying/yang models.

The biggest thing that confuses me is that originally oddballs shipped the wrong club, which was a black/white radical and it was the same body shape as my old yin clubs (But the end knobs were different again, smaller than old clubs but bigger than the new one)

So my question, why are they different? By ordering from OS this time have I ordered some sort of different european model?

Seems a shame if the desire to upgrade to 5/6 clubs requires repurchasing the original 3 to keep the consistency frown

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steambugGOLD Member
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I've experienced a similar thing

I bought three of these about 9 months ago here - 2 yin, 1 yang. The yang/ white bodied is slightly thinner at bulge etc, has significantly smaller and slightly differently shaped knobs and ends, slightly different handle, is a bit shorter and is lighter than both the yin's (which match eachother, icidentally). The stats on the website claim them to be the same weight, and mention nothing of differing dimensions. I wasn't particularly chuffed about it, especially since i bought all of mine together frown and it was too much bother to try and fix since they were shipped to oz from the uk.

My guess would be that the slightly smaller design is new and being phased in, still annoying though.

It sounds like my yins are the size/ shape you're after... I'm not particularly attached to them cause of the size differences etc so if you get desperate for matching ones and dont mind some slightly scuffed clubs let me know! :-p

BasstonesGOLD Member
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Wow, well it's good to know i'm not the only one who has come across it but pretty dissapointing to find out thats the situation.
I would have been pretty annoyed if I had ordered all 3 at the same time only to find they didn't match eek

If you do fancy getting rid of yours I would definitely be interested in having a chat, who knows maybe we can solve both of our problems. Flick me a pm with a price and we'll go from there smile

So, word of caution to all prospective radical fish buyers: DOUBLE CHECK WHICH SIZE THEY ARE!
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Mr MajestikSILVER Member
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not a specific answer, but i would agree with steambug.

i've never been able to find beard clubs the same as i originally bought, they've all just changed a little longer with a little smaller bulb. similarly the balls i purchased have gotten 5gms heavier. i think its just the companies slightly altering their products every so often. a cinic would say its so people always buy a new set instead of one replacement...

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willworkforfoodjnrSILVER Member
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Wierd. I've bought about 15 radical fish over the last few years and they've all been the same. Not got any of the y/y ones though, all fluro...

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astonSILVER Member
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Maybe rec.juggling would be able to help?

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