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bastard child of satan
Location: Raanana, Israel
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Posted:First off, I don't mean this to be a popularity contest, more of an analysis of people others find inspiring, and what makes them stand out for you.

I blame Meg for giving me the idea for this thread, with her great post on the "what makes poi beautiful" thread where she described Ronan, Jade and Thomas' styles in detail. It really helped me understand a few of the things that made me and lots of others like them.

I'll start with one of my many favourites, Thomas (Nevisoul).
There's something about his style that shows you just how dedicated he is, every move he does seems under total control and he seems to be thinking 2 steps ahead of himself. You'll sometimes see him break into some difficult tech move and blend it with ease into his spinning.
His body movement is the same as his spinning - very controlled and flowing. He's one of the people who've inspired me to improve my footwork.

I have some more in my head but I'll keep them for later.


Magic Monkey Juice
Location: Saaf Ingerland Innet
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Posted:I don't think I have a faverouite spinner, but there are certainly spinners out there who I take influences from in different areas.

Firstly, Nick, if it wasn't for his tutorials I would still be poorly spinning 3bt weaves. I love Nicks overall style, everything just seems to flow elegantly and fit everything together well.

Tom Nevisoul, after watching the video with Alien Jon, I love his style, the footwork and similar to Nick, making everything flow so smoothley and looks clean and effortless.

Same goes for Jon too I guess. His technical skills and flowing ability is something I really admire, and although I know with a lot of work is possible, it just seems like it's an impossible task to get to that level... But I will give it my best shot.

Finally Ronan. I saw a video earlier which was just outstanding (he had short hair in it and was on a stage with 2 yellow balls and wearing orange, don't know how old it is). I have never seen poi be moed like that before. The combination of contact and poi with such precision made my jaw drop. Although I don't see myself getting into this side of spinning, it's still a pleasure to watch, and a lot of inspiring stuff.

Derek videos have been invaluable to me, and I would love to see a video of him spinning "propperly", more than a tutorial video.

There was some awesome stuff in Cassandras spinning in Paris videos which really influenced me too.

I don't mean to stroke anyones egos here. There are so many good spinners here, and I am sure everyone has a lot too offer the community in their own little ways, but I can only go on who I have seen, so sorry to point out the obvious names tongue2

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person who like to spin all gears
Location: Germany - Dsseldorf
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Posted:okay my favourite tech spinners are mcp, nevisoul, jon, noel, ronan, G and cyrielle at the moment because I think it is really sick how their geometrie-aspects of spinning fits into flow and in to the spin.

I really love watching their videos every time - because it opens my own mind a bit more and shows myself some new transission for spinning.

And of course I hate the Antispinner-Crew that much that I love them too because of their skills. Hopefully you'll never gets your hands cut up - so I can see more of your skills.


Location: Canada
Member Since: 12th May 2004
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Posted:Along with the list of the usual suspects, I'd like to toss in Peter ( Mireneye ) because his performance at the JFF in 2008? was IMO, highly innovative

French people for some reason seem to have it going on I don't know whether there's something in the water over there or what.

Quote:There was some awesome stuff in Cassandras spinning in Paris videos which really influenced me too

I just watched that video before posting this. Me too smile When everyone else was ripping off Dervishly Yers, I was ripping off that one. I hadn't watched it in a couple of years and, yep, I've ripped off everything in it, even the style, save those damn carryovers and the evil, evil waist wrap. mad


Mission: Ignition
Location: Central New Jersey
Member Since: 7th Nov 2004
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Posted:I love watching yuta and nick spin. They combine a balance of tech and dance into their styles that just makes me happy.

Don't mind me, just passing through.


Location: Napoli (Neaples)
Member Since: 21st Mar 2006
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Posted:All the spinners mentioned here are absolutely great, they are the gods of spinning! :-)
Personally i prefer G and Ronan for their combination of dance and new tech, absolutly wonderfull!

Sister Eleven
Sister Eleven

owner of the group property
Location: Seattle, WA
Member Since: 3rd Aug 2009
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Posted:Honestly, while I'd say I like Yuta and Nevisoul most out of the performers I've seen online (really anyone who can dance and spin fluidly is probably possessed of unearthly powers), I'm really attracted to weird technical stuff too. There are some people here in Seattle doing things I still can't wrap my brain around, and things which I have still never seen in online videos at all, and I think they're my current favorite spinners.



Unofficial Chairperson of Squirrel Defense League
Location: South Africa
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Posted:Get them on video? More weird techy stuff is welcome.


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Defeats the purpose
Location: Washington, DC USA
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Posted:I have a feeling I'll always be going back to Yuta for sheer, "What the #@$& did he just do?" or "Wow, seriously? I would have never thought of trying that..." value.

Lately, however, I've been getting a lot more inspiration from watching Ronan videos. Specifically because most poi spinners seem to center their styles around how they can keep the poi constantly in motion, whereas Ronan seems to seek out pauses and stillness in his poi work in a way that seems very counter intuitive, which is part of what makes his style so distinctive.



Member Since: 16th May 2006
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Posted:Ronan beacuse hes is superclean.
All of Flameoz beacuse they but on the best shows.
Sebastian Berger because he was the first person to do three staff backcrosses.
Me cos I love myself wink

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Sister Eleven
Sister Eleven

owner of the group property
Location: Seattle, WA
Member Since: 3rd Aug 2009
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Posted:They probably won't come back out again 'til summer, but I'll ask them then smile



Poi explorer
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Member Since: 2nd Feb 2008
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Posted:What really got me into practicing and spinning advanced poi was watching at EJC08 crazy poi tricks and advanced body movement with poi including Yuta's performances. I've come a looong way since then and for that I'd have to blame Nick for his tutorials and flow vision and Alienjon for the advanced tech he does. I also admire G's and Ronan's spinning, though it could never fit my style.

Resident Demolitions Expert
Location: San Francisco, Ca
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Posted:Some people who have been inspirational to me:

Alien John - I watch him train, I think I have a handle on the scope of his technique, then i watch him spin fire, and I cant keep up, his speed changes, and the scale/distortion of his patterns because he is so tall fucks with my head.

Noel - The depth of his understanding of how poi works is incredible. I dont get to see him cut loose with poi nearly enough, but he tears it up on the double staffs.

Arashi - Sometimes he spins and im not really feeling it. But sometimes he spins, and his years and years of doing this come out. No one thinks like him, no one spins like him, and seeing what that means unfolding before you is amazing.

Brandon - Contact Staff BEAST! I remember a few years ago when he was just coming up, it was like "oh, there is another decent contact staffer around" and 6 months later at burning man it was hard to believe he made that much progress in that little time.

Meg - Id like to watch her spin if she took those headphones out and that beanie off.

Everyone who has been mentioned on this thread is great though. Cant wait for FireDrums.


Carpal \'Tunnel

Member Since: 17th Apr 2002
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Posted:Originally Posted By: Tankboyif she took those headphones out and that beanie off.

There was a time, that if she took that hat off, the world would errupt into chaos and all existance would stop as we know it.

Then she got a hair cut. frown


Still wiggling
Location: Belfast
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Getting to the other side smile


Flying Water Muppet
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Posted:psytrance is still censored censored thou, that's why the headphones remain.

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Resident Demolitions Expert
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Posted:only if that censored bit is suckier than


Location: Gloucester England
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Posted:meg psytrance is great what you on bout wink

he he i am mike the amazing gloscircus person who is mike.

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All High Dude, Ruler of What You Want
Location: Trenton, MI, USA
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Posted:Thomas "Nevisoul" Johansson: He gives me so much inspiration with how to flow better and certain moves that seems only he could have thought of just blows me away. In his performaces, I love the way he can combine even the most simple of things and make it look amazing. And I love his bodywork as much if not more than his actual spinning, it just has some kind of look to it that I can't describe.

Nick "Meenik" Woolsey: Has been a redicuous influence on me since the beginning. I first saw his tutorials, and without them I would be nowhere. His beginner series was completely invaluble along with other videos that I had seen before and after the beginner series. I spent so much time just dedicating myslef to all the turnings and making flowers alowing me to spin all around my body. I eventually wondered if he did it with fire, as I didn't know that pretty much everyone that did poi does, and I was amazed. I remember, it was his Atlantis on Fire video, the very first firespinning video I saw. I owe most all my spinning skills and influence to him.

Conway Jennings: One of the first ones I saw, I was blown away by his work with stalls among other things, although I don't think I'll be getting into all of the throws as I'm not really into those. Although I may be once I get really good who knows, I thought the same with under the legs, and now Silly Walk is my favorite move.

Yuta: Hasn't really influenced me in the slightest, but he's fun to watch.

Derek: I absolutely love your tutorials and also owe a great debt to you for much that I know. Especially linear isolations, that opened up a whole new level of flow for me.

And Thomas deserves another mention in my mind because he is currently influencing me the most, and I just love ya wink Something about you reminds me of my unbiological German brother, Lukas. Not sure what it is, maybe that's why I love ya so much hug

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Member Since: 23rd Dec 2005
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Posted:dantano is the best. If you don't know, you betta ask somebody!

[ Unregistered ]

Member Since: 29th Jan 2009
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Posted:His nick name is "DJ Dantana" and his true name is:

Daniel Tyler



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geek, level 1
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Member Since: 15th Dec 2002
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Posted:it regularly changes, but today my favourite spinner is...

Noel smile

Holistic Spinner (I hope)

Sister Eleven
Sister Eleven

owner of the group property
Location: Seattle, WA
Member Since: 3rd Aug 2009
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Posted:I only just saw Noel's spinning for the first time recently. Love his crispiness.



Location: bangkok,london and somerset
Member Since: 27th Mar 2005
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Posted:Thomas (Nevisoul), G, Ronan, Nick, Noel are all incredible spinners and watching their video can pass hour of the day

at the moment i think nulleamai is my favourite spinner because he's pushing the spinning/throwing side of poi which i myself have been working on smile

I love thinking in circles


Fire Artist and Hooper
Location: U.S.A
Member Since: 8th Jul 2009
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Posted:My most favorite spinner is Sage (Sangre Del Sol, Fire Troupe), she's a BAD A$$!! And does some of the most amazing things and doesn't get lost in being a trickster, she stays a dancer.

Now for Fire Eating, Hooping, and Dancing in general I would have to say Forkawaza (Mandalights, Fire Troupe, France). Forka puts a whole new twist on amazing fire eating and is the only person I've seen perform the Flaming Soup trick. Though I have to say I have been impressed with EVERY member of the Mandalights fire troupe, my favorite troupe hands down.

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There Is No Spoon
Location: Brighton
Member Since: 19th Jun 2007
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Posted:My most favouritist spinner, from the little I've seen - ooh this could be a poem - is Mr McLean.

Have not actually had the pleasure of meeting yet, but he does similar things to me except better i.e. puts a staff on himself and wiggles about underneath it. In a good way.


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Location: Mentor, OH
Member Since: 19th Mar 2010
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Posted:The one that i like is the one that kinda got me into poi spinning, Tonya Kay.


Location: hot marne (france)
Member Since: 16th Feb 2009
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Posted:i love ronan he is so cut this style is beautifull slow and that all because i am french and its so difficult in english
bye bye


Member Since: 16th May 2006
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Posted:my new favorite spinners

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Member Since: 14th Mar 2010
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Posted:Ronan is awesome. I absolutely love Yuta's flow. There are just so many wonderful spinners out there I don't think I could choose a favorite (those two have just been on my mind lately).

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Member Since: 3rd Mar 2009
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Posted:I have to say I love Nick for his style and grace. his movements are so well put together and without him i would not be anywhere near as good as i am now.

G is an inspiration and a constant reminder that however good you think you might be, you can always be neater and use your space better.

Nevisoul because his martial arts like style is unreal and there's some tricks i'd love to learn off him.

Jay Latour, because his style reminds me of my own... only better.

Lastly but certainly not least, Pineapple Pete because he melts my brain!

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