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I bought the flowpoi trio and I love them! They are awkward as hell, but so beautiful! When I'm spinning for myself, I like sliding the singles in the rubbery crystal cases for ease of movement, but for performance, the trio is spectacular.

And I have to say that their customer service goes way beyond what would be necessary to keep goodwill from customers. Teice now Prisna went out of her way to make sure I was satified, includung resending a set of craystal cases that must have fallen out of the package somewhere along the way. And she did it FAST. She is super nice and extremely efficient.

If you're thinking about getting some, go for it. You will not regret it. They never fail to attract a crowd. smile

LyeLyeFate Keeps Telling Me To Stop
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I know!

e6e6SILVER Member
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agreed. i just wish they could make them heavier. i have the crystal cases w/ flowmass and they are still sooper light!

sean_flowtoyssean_flowtoysBRONZE Member
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you can add 2 flowmass to each crystal poi for really good weight smile
also the new flowmass is 30g, used to be 20g, not sure which you have but with 2 of the new ones they are pretty hefty!

also, you can get a staff connector to make your flowpoi trio into a 3' staff!

(this came up in my google alerts and I thought I'd chime in smile thank you all for your support, it enables us to continue developing the best equipment we can!)

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