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Forums > Advanced Poi Moves > opposite direction floor plane moves

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Posted:are there any?


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Posted:g-style plane bending stuff.


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Posted:You can make a hybrid flower on floorplane. One poi is extended, the other antispin ^^ has an odd feeling at first and for me it kept wanting to come out from under my arm.

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Posted:wow i have been working with these a lot, and was getting frustrated because i was having trouble coming up with ideas to vary the patterns. The video e6 posted is great. Thank you.

i like to transition into floor plane from same time opposite floats.


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Posted:Plane breaking, triquetras, and various different CAPs. Also try 4 beat opposite corkscrews. Keep exploring all the space around your body in floorplane mode and eventually you'll encounter you can spin under your back and also under your legs with a little bit of jumping around.