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Posted:Hi to all spinners and fire performers out there!

I am currently looking for fire dancers and fire performers for a large show case in the middle east this winter for an audience of around 1 million visitors . I am looking to create a team of 6 members 4 men (including myself) and 2 girls. I need the guys to be able to fire blow, fire eat and poi and staff has well. for the girls fire blowing would be an extra but fire fans, poi,s staff etc...

The flight, accommodation and visa would be taken care off and the job would be from end november to end december with an attractive salary.

If you beleive to fit the job please send me a message on facebook.
Or email me :

Keep it hot mathieu blanloeuil

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Posted:Email sent smile

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Posted:Email sennt


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Posted:Hi there Mat I'm freddie Alviola from Boracay Philippines I really wanted to join your group and i have 3 more friends also doing fire poi 1 girl and 2 boys 1 is doing the fire blowing but I'm willing to learn it also. 3 of us are performing in many events here in the island we been doing poi for 3 years already Choreograph performance we done it always in all the events we perform. Hope we are not late for it please do contact us at or call txt us +639081410960 Thank you so much


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Posted:hi you need a fire spitter huh well I got three years experience and a reputation for extreme fire stunts that most others wont even think about attempting. Heres my number if your serious +61438781198 or e-mail at
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Posted:How did this show go? Didn't get ya call or message. What show was this for?