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Posted:Wow, I am amazed at how knowing the right people can mean everything in life. I just did a show for my family and it was only my 3rd burn. I had 1 or 2 awkward moments my parents said, but no one else noticed as they were too mesmerized by the fire. My cousin Jason has been manager of a giant bar and other things. Turns out he may know a lot of people that would want to hire me to do shows. And this is only after 3 burns! Also, I had my first fire orbital grin I feel like the world is just telling me something, that this is my calling and I should follow it. Also, I learned not to do whirling on unlevel ground as it makes it very awkward and get out of formation.
My family had amazing reactions, I have done it once before with LED's for them, not too much compliments there. Just them asking me what it is. While when I did it with fire, they had shocking reactions, a ton of awesomeness, oh my godding, gasping, and so on. And then I start getting told I might have some job opportunities O_o And remember, no one has seen anything like this before, as there are near no spinners in Michigan.
Edit: If a club owner or someone setting up a large party or anything like that does approach me and they ask how much I want for a show, what should I say??? O_o I've always been terrible at these things.

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Posted:Quote:mans got answers

womans got answers wink

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