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Posted:SPINFEST 2010

In 2010, Melbourne will be hosting its first fire manipulation convention hosted by Chris Carlos from the 15th to the 17th of January at Collingwood College (same location as Melbourne Juggling Convention), the weekend before Australia Day weekend!

The convention will feature an amazing lineup of local and international teachers including:

*Meghan Pike (MCP)
*Sebastian Berger
*Jeanine Ebothner
*Kyle Mclean
*Mark Douglass
*Chris Carlos
*Nathaniel Everist
*Brett Schmerl
*Peter Cook (Petey)
+ More

The festival also includes a Competition for emerging performers who want to make the transition from a hobby to a profession!

Early bird tickets = $85
Standard tickets = $100

Further details and tickets to this festival can be found on the following website:
Hope to see you there!

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Posted:anyone already bought their (airline)ticket to make it to Arambol the following day? wink

btw TumbleHat: I'd guess they already are online wink

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Posted:yes we are staying at the backpackers 'The Nunnery' which is a short drive and about a 15min walk to Collingwood College..

woooooo! friendship!




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Posted:Im making a post for no other reason than to feel more involved



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Posted:If anyone is interest Ostara festival are holding a party on Friday night at the Glass House which is around the corner from the festival.
Info found here:

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