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Posted:Survey for fire artists, please do this!
I'm doing a picture/type project in which I need discriptions of feelings and energy felt when playing with fire, trying to explain to the audience what we are feeling when they see us dance.
I'm looking for discriptions about 50 words (or less!) in length that can still convey the feeling strongly, but if you need more, I'll do what I can to make it work. I have some prompts at the bottom, please make them complete answers. This means, don't leave out what it was that made you feel that way, for example: say "It felt great the first time I spun fire." as opposed to "It felt great" (but your answer will have a more indepth discription). You don't have to answer all, these are just prompts, so if they prompts you to write, then write.
Remember, this is to help the audience understand, so inside jokes wont work well for that, the feelings are the important part.

As for the picture part, I have a lot of pictures, but I would like a greater variety of people and types of fire arts, so if you have any printable pictures you would like to be avaiable to be part of the composition, it would be greating appreciated. My e-mail is RainboExplosion@gmail.com
You can send responces there (the e-mail), or a private message.
Thank you all for your help!
Describe the feelings and/or energy you felt/feel..
..the first time you saw fire dancing.
.. the first time you lit up.
.. when you first heard the fire around you.
.. when you first caught on fire.
.. the first time you lit up in front of an audience.
.. when an audience member or a crowd responded to you.
.. during an average burn.
.. when you spin to music (what kind of music?)
.. when spinning to a drum circle and a crowd
.. during your best experience.
.. scarist experience.
.. any other experience that created a strong feeling for you.

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Posted:.. mesmerized and completely out of body
.. excitement, scared, energized
.. like the first time I saw it... completely out of body experience... stop thinking
.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
.. first time lit in front of audience
.. *blush*
.. depends on the energy around me, sometimes I go back to that initial experience
.. favorably house or dance.. forcibly often to trance music... energized
.. reflecting the awe that I meet, a messenger of transformation
.. gone spinning
.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah that poi seperated from its chain/ the staff left my hands for the audience...
.. on the same level? ... hmmm ... like "falling in love"? wink

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