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Posted:Andy, the owner of the farm that Thimbleberry Festival calls home has been summoned to court for "Permitting use of premises for smoking of a controlled drug of Class B - cannabis".
There were no police officers at the site and following the event a thorough search of the site by a team of officers found no evidence of drug use. The police have still decided to persue his conviction.

This could set a very bad precedent for anyone organising (or just allowing the use of their land for) events both big and small.

There is a lot of history to this law and it has already been used against nightclub owners with regard to class A drugs (although I have never heard of a conviction). It would appear that this is the first case regarding a festival.

There is a facebook group where you can show your support for Andy here... http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=147337806589
which is also regularly being updated with info about the case.

I thought the eventsy people and festival goers would be interested in this.

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Posted:my charges read: "Accused of playing loud music in a public place without obtaining a permission from local authorities/ noise pollution" after the Environmental Protection Act - punishable with jail up to 5yrs and/or fine of Rs. 100.000/-" spank

Andy's got my full support, though I wonder that they couldn't find any roaches... however it sounds reasonable to just assume that someone was smoking a joint somewhere at this festival at some given time... youth just can't do without it wink

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Mr Majestik
Mr Majestik

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Posted:sounds lame frown

the UK seriously has some scary ideas about serving the public... next DJs that make dance music will be charged with aiding and abetting!

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Posted:What a waste of resources. Charging someone with a crime for which there is no evidence. Are they nuts?

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Posted:"obviatively" wink

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Posted:The UK government scares me sometimes. They beat they Americans when it come to randomly oppressing people in the name of "the people".

Do you not need to prove guilt in British courts anymore? Is it enough just to denounce someone?


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Posted:Oh those crazy cannabis addicts, when will they learn? I get most of my news on whats happening in the UK from BBC radio on NPR. Yeah it's not perfect but it's something anyways! Its weird how from an American perspective, the British government seems relaxed on a lot of issues but will utterly clamp down on small things with a huge amount of effort. I'm sure there are much larger issues for the average person living over there besides weed and internet censorship!

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