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Rampant whirler.
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Posted:No idea whether or not this warrants is own thread in everyone elses eyes, I thought about throwing this in the "Agnostic and atheist: a discussion" topic... but I didn't feel it fit there.

I AM agnostic, I neither confirm nor deny God.

But I have a systemised view on God I felt an urge to share.

Lets assume I am a believer for the rest of this post because it makes it easier to talk about.

God and I have a connection... If Satan is real I reject his influence.

I do not need to recognise the entity in order to reject his influence. I lead my life according to moral principles, I do my best to reject hate in all forms, I see the bible as mans attempt to control man rather than Gods attempt to control man.

You could say that Satan is a metaphor for 'primal' urges, aggression, lust, unreasonable fear (of which hate is a subdivision)

You could say God is a metaphor for our empathic urges, as well.

In daily life we often have several ways we can react, even to something as simple as someone doing something annoying on the road... someone cuts you off, overtakes you just to drive much slower than you were originally going...

You can get upset by that, even if you don't beep your horn or gesture or any other road rage... or you can accept it as part of the give and take of the road, you can react aggressively even if its just cursing them within your own head... this could be seen as Satans influence.

To reiterate I do not believe in God or Satan though I do not disbelieve either... I do not feel like being unacknowledging of such a beings existence denies my having a relationship with it.

I'm not really sure what I want people to say to this, but I'd like some discussion around it to help flesh out my own base of ideas but mostly to get an idea of what other people think around this topic in general.

Thoughts? Questions? Tea? Biscuits?



Rampant whirler.
Location: Geelong, Victoria, Australia!
Member Since: 1st Aug 2007
Total posts: 2418
Posted:There are a lot of added connotations attached to the word "dogma", Tom and I think through your use of the word "unless" you're aware of that.

By stating unless it indicates that you don't think they have freedom of interpretation.

Why is it that doctrines etc are not open to interpretation? The bible itself is a form of doctrine and there are as many interpretations of the bible as there are pop stars with drinking problems.



Fire Spinner Exarch
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Good song, good perspective!

"Are you sure it's safe to drink bleach?"
"Yes, bleach is 90% water, we are 90% water, therefore: we are bleach."
-Nathan Explosion, Metalocalypse


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Posted:Originally Posted By: FireTom
being a x-tian doesn't necessarily mean that you have to believe in everything the bible says... or the pope.

IMO it only counts whether or not you're subscribing to the underlying philosophy - whichever way you interpret it is up to you (unless you enjoy living dogmatically)... no?

first of what is an x-tian? is that some kind of alien?

I dont think it only counts if your only subscibing to the underlying philosophy. By not making people accountable for interpretations allows people to feel holy justification for blowing up abortion clinics.

sticks and stones my break my bones, but ski patrol will save me.


stranger by the day
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Posted:Am assuming he means christian. Going from Xmas and it's cross-tian and cross = christian symbol

Just a dancer in the dark

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