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Heyy, i'm a newbie in Fire Spinning and i'm quite interested in the Rope Dart. I've already bought one, but it's the nylon one they sell here, for practice, im def not lighting that on fire. Is there any info you can give me on the rope dart? How to hold it properly, and other beginner info.

Much appreciated,
Brandon =]

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you could try here:

rope dart

or here:

more Rope Dart

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just youtube it

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i'm putting up turorials which will take you through all the basics on youtube. I've only got three up so far but i've filmed another 6-10 or so. I'll put some links up soon. can't at the moment, at work and don't have youtube access.

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great!! i have been spinning Rope Dart for a while. It is so awesome. When you get better try double neck wraps and then forward kicking it off. Good luck

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Rope Dart ey? watch jet li's movie, romeo must die, one part there he was using a fire hose as a Rope Dart... grabbed some tricks there from him to show off to some of my friends! it's easy and kinda eye catching! hehehe!

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