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Posted:Hello everyone. Im new to the forum but was interested in meeting up with spinners, hoopers or anyone for that matter who enjoys having fun. I will be attending a school trip to Paris beginning March 18th for eight crazy days in Paris. I have a goal of performing around Paris during this trip and hope to meet some great people I can gain friendships with. I will have certain times and days (once the itinerary is given) to flow so let me know if you would like to meet up and I will let you know definitive times and places I will be or to meet up. Hope to hear from you and thanks again. Chace

P.s Let me know how you flow and maybe some lessons and info could be traded...

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Posted:Hi Chace,

You should check here for some french burners connection in Paris :

There's an english speaking part.

I won't be in Paris in March, but I'm sure you'll find some friendly spinners to meet there !