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i was just wondering, what handle material do you use?

I have tried a few from HOP including the new profesional series and i just dont like them.

I like to grip my handles between my thumb and index finger for extra control.

When i do flowers i dont like to feel like theres any "snag" like on some leather loops where the d-ring snags at the circle and has to clip back if you know what i mean..

So i cut off the handle of http://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/productDetails/Pair-of-Onepiece-Cone-poi
(which i love using) and knotted it and looped it through a swivel which holds tight.. but basically i was just worried about it burning etc..

Just wondering those of you that have gone through the mission of finding a snag-less handle that hold it my way.. what was your solution?

cheers from australia

ps heres a pic of what im using at the moment

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Posted:You could probably replicate that set up in thin leather (look for some offcuts, it should be cheap).

Since leather does not burn it should be ok. Just make sure you check your current rig for wear before use, especially just below the knot.

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