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I was looking at the options of adding weight to my crystal flowlights and I found that I have two options.

There is the weight sleeves from HOP Link to them Here
and there are also the Flowmass from flowtoys Link to them Here

The weight sleeves add about 35 to 40g to the Poi and the flowmass adds 28g. The weight sleeves cover the whole Poi while the flowmass covers the end. I have also noticed that the weight sleeves are clear while the flowmass is white.

I was wondering if any of you had suggestions or help on which one I should get.

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I will always buy flowtoys when deciding to buy flowtoys or something else from now on. Really quality products, really awesome people. Everything else is kind of varied on quality.
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flowmass is clear - at least when I got some last year it was!

other than the weight, very similar products I think

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go to a swimming pool store and buy some clear tube that will fit over them wink


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The flowmasses are indeed clear and diffract the light of the LEDs no more than the crystal cases themselves do.

Flowtoys used to make flowmasses that were more similar to the cases on HoP, but they tended to loosen their grip over time. I started out with six of them at the beginning of the year and I can't count the number of times I sent them flying into an audience or out into the middle of a field and spent the next half hour rooting around for them. I'm finishing the year with only the pair I used on my Rope Dart.

The new flowmasses may be a little light, but they've never lost their grip on the crystal cases. If indeed you do pick up the HoP weights, please leave some feedback here on the forum as I'd definitely prefer more weight on my flowtoys and if theirs is a viable option I'd love to give them a whirl (pun intended).

Good luck either way!


JaredWSILVER Member
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I just got a pair of Flowlights with Flowmass last week, mine are indeed white. Still translucent, but not completely transparent. They are rather short though and if you don't like the look of them they can be pushed up between the LEDs and don't really affect the light too much.

Something to keep in mind though, regardless which ones you buy or if you get the tubing as Poje suggest, any of them can be easily cut with a razor knife. So if you're unsure buy too heavy over too light. I actually didn't like how heavy the Flowmass was and cut it in half.

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The flowmass has a decent weight in my opinion. I would go with the flowmass, is looks a bit more streamlined too. The white doesn't effect the color really, they are still very bright though the flowmass.

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LunakiPoi Goddess
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Thanks guys! I will definately buy the flowmass now because I am sure it has been tested and used more than the HOP version and seems to have made changes in the past year to make it better.

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