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Posted:Well, times are slow here in the good ole' U S of A and I seem to have lots and lots of time on my hands. So I have decided to just start making and sharing tons of poi tricks and hoop tricks.

I have started two blogs both dedicated to learning new tricks, they feature lots of video tutorials and lessons, updated daily. The Poi Tricks Blog
has been around for about 2 weeks now and has a pretty good chunk of lesson, about 35 now I think. The Hoop Tricks Blog
just started a few days ago and the content is building.

Please come and check it out and see what you think. I am also offering a "Trick Requests" , if there is a trick you have been wanting to learn, leave a comment and I will create you a tutorial.

Your feedback on these projects is greatly appreciated.


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Posted:Hey, if i may add two different comments (with sub comments in them):

Comment 1:
I use to use photoshop and what not, and my mate designs websites (not for commercial use yet tho). So what i would like to say to you is that the website is nice, it flows well and it looks good. I especially like the background, so cheers to you if you made it.

Comment 2:
The content is good, its understandable and easy to read. But i think its almost as if that site is in competition with =/

I dont mean any offence of anything, just a question with constructive criticism: Why did you make that site, just out of curiosity.

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Posted:THank you for the feedback I appreciate it.

I created the sight not as competition, as HOP is a very large community going well past the topic of poi tricks, but as a direct focus on making poi tutorials for people that just want to learn tricks. I find HOP to be much more of a social hub, which is fantastic as it gives us all a place to gather online.

I also created it because as my post says above, I have time on my hands and I really like to share what I know and try to help and inspire others with their poi spinning.



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Posted:They seem pretty useful.

Not sure I agree with the exact definition of some of the terminology in places, but otherwise a useful site.

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