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Posted:Hello hello everyone!
I've done a little video presenting a part of my researsh in Poi contact/manip/juggling.
Here it is:

No script, only tricks, an editing of one day which i hope will be enjoyed and will give to you a more objective point of wiew on this great object!


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Posted:old old old old old

and 10 points for getting on The ministry!

I Love this video!


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Posted:Damn. You and Ronan should slow down so everyone else can catch up wink
Really, really nice stuff there dude, keep it coming smile


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Posted:Right On Cyrille! Thanks for keeping up inspiration man!

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Posted:And the Poi god and the contact juggling god had children, and so it was... Contact Poi...beautiful.

Don't mind me, just passing through.


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Posted:Fantastic! I gotta start playing contact!


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Posted:Ahh Cyrille! Firstly I'd like to say absolutely well done on the video my friend. It's amazing to see just how far you're pushing these fields grin
I remember doing your Contact Poi Workshop at Motion Festival in Ireland (^_^) Though I was mostly blown away and too shy to stand up and show people my ideas after the workshop... sorry! :$
I remember being absolutely baffled by the sheer number of possibilities that got into my head about combining different forms of object manipulation with Poi!
I have been working on my Contact Poi a lot now and it's so refreshing having all of this new material to work with.
In essence I just wanted to thank you for being such an amazing inspiration!


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Posted:lovely man!

No air drumming - Bruford could change the timing up so fast you could snap your wrist!