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Posted:hei im moving to finland next january for a few months and i read there was a firefestival in helsinki in january this year does anybody knwo anything about it - does it happen next year
it would be cool if i could get to chat with fire people in finland anyway
so say moi

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Posted:have a look for tulikansa(helsinki based fire crew)
there's also a few peeps on here who are finland based.

also if you pm me i'll send a few mail addresses...


don't get too vaiheessa while your there, that salmiakki is a it eek


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Posted:Hey! Could I get someones contacts who is doing firespinning in Helsinki..? I'm moving there...and I would like to meet some practice spinning together. smile



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Posted:Hey Kix!

Im Fire performer from Finland.
I live in Tokyo at the moment and go to Oz for Spin Festival, but I will move back to Helsinki on beginning of Feb.
When are you moving? Im always happy to meet fellow spinners smile
and if you have any questions about Helsinki maybe I can help you.


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