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Posted:Yes thats right, myself and by busy workshop are moving!

So why, one might ask, in the busiest time of year (the pre-christmas rush) would i decide to close the shop and shift 1,100km (Thats 680mi to the imperials wink ) south of my present location?? i.e. From the (un)Lucky City of Auckland to the Garden city of Christchurch, I'll practically be neighbors with HoP HQ.

It all comes from having a day job with her majesty's finest (the military) when they say jump, you jump and ask how high on the way up wink

I pretty much get to finish the current batch of Fire Fans to stock the HoP shelves before xmas and then all operations shall cease untill the new year.

It shall be challenging, but many good things rise from challenges.

To anyone who had been waiting for the finger spin version of the folding fire fan, my sincerest apologies, this has now been delayed until the new year, likewise the Fire Hoop and Top Secret Toy I've been developing for the last 7 months.

Any CHCH based hoppers out there? I'm certainly keen to meet and greet all and any as soon as I get into town approx Mid Dec, or this weekend if your hitting Circulation (which is looking like it will be absolutely fantastic!!)

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Posted:Good News! see you at circulation. more hoppers in CHCH WOOOT!

I will be heading back over the ditch for woodford and stuffs over the holidays but will be back again for next year at circo!

and there should be quite a few spinners here then grin


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