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Posted:Hey guys im new to these forums so please go easy on me smirk
Feedback needed if you can please...

If there was a magazine covering the community of POI, DIABLO, DEVIL STICKS, STAFFS and all other kinds of spinning and juggling, would you buy it?
The magazine would contain all the usual stuff like photography, event info and reports, reviews, advice, tutorials etc.
But would then be continued, just for readers, online with video, competitions and more.
So what do you think?? Thanks

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Posted:To be honest- no. I'd probably read other people's, if I saw them, possibly feeling a little guilty, but I can't see myself paying for it- what would it have that wasn't already available online?
There are already several magazines around with a similar theme, and I don't buy any of those..


If that's okay with you?


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Posted:Kindle Exists and I'm a subscriber...

Or is your concept focusing not so much on fire as Kindle does and more on Object Manipulation in general?

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Posted:Ok i see there is Kindle magazine, (do you buy it?) but how about one that focuses on the topic as a whole and not just about the fire arts. There are many more activities than just those that involve fire aren't there.


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Posted:I think whenever this question has been asked we've come to the conclusion that there would not be a big enough readership to make it worthwhile. The problem is that the topic is already too well catered for by the online content that is available.

People are unlikely to pay for content when they can get it for free and often in the form of video elsewhere.

I'm not trying to be negative. Its just that this topic has ben discussed many times before.


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Posted:on another note, do you know what it takes to start a magazine?


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Posted:Not yet no. But this is research for a project in my university course - General Illustration. Its for our Professional Studies module and we have a lecturer who is already very experienced in the magazine world, as well as many other areas and he has just asked us to look into buisiness possibilities. smile


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Posted:In europe exists Kaskade Magazine.

A monthly publication that covers all aspects of circus.

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Posted:"If there was a magazine covering the community of POI, DIABLO, DEVIL STICKS, STAFFS and all other kinds of spinning and

It would depend... I can find photos etc online and wouldn't contribute my own photos if I then lost the rights to them. Event info isn't really useful to me (isn't Perth the most isolated city in the world or something ridiculous?) as I can't get to most of them. Reviews of what? Equipment? Performers?
Advice you can get online. Competitions are always a puller smile

So probably not...