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Posted:Hey I'm at winchester univercity on the new street arts course and would like to know when and where any close by juggling club or fire meets might be ?

is it me or does nothing realy matter?

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Posted:Hiya I'm in Southampton. The Southampton University has a Juggling Club on Mondays 8-10 in the Cube / where they can get space, which has most of the student population of jugglers et al

e-mail - juggling at (
just swap at for @ and miss the spaces)

They have specific workshops running through november

Monday 2nd
Juggling Workshop (Beginner / Intermediate)

Monday 9th
Hoop Workshop (Beginner / Intermediate)

Monday 16th
Poi Workshop (Beginner / Advanced)

Monday 23rd
Staff Workshop (Intermediate / Advanced)

Wednesdays there is a free juggling club (When I went there weren't a huge number of people) at Itchen College
if you want to know details the above link is to the out of date home page, you should be able to find the organisers contact details there.

You can always give me a shout to see if I'm free wink but I'm a bit booked weekends right now until next year but am often free week nights I'm more staff and Juggling than poi though I'm not too bad at hurting myself and others with balls on strings

A couple of balls short of a full cascade... or maybe a few cards short of a deck... we'll see how this all fans out.