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Posted:So I've got a parade gig tomorow, been a while since I last did one.
And it got me thinking:
How do you refuel staffs/ poi on the move?
I have always had a chaperone to carry a plastic bottle with a sports cap to squirt onto my wicks, and a heavy duty plastic bag (one of those insulated ones for carrying frozen goods home from the supermarket) to catch the excess.

But what do you do?

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Posted:a "c h a p e r o n e"....

more of the molecular type

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or the drowsy one?

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umm i really have no idea what a "c h a p e r o n e" is shrug

Personally I never ran into the need of "refueling on the move" wink

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Posted:We pretty much did the exact same thing the last time we did a parade gig. If you're performing solo it's a bit harder as you'll have to bring someone with you to carry everything, if you're with a group someone should be refueling and carrying anything that isn't currently being used.



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Posted:a thing that might be usefull is bring a second staff/ set of poi and when one is beeing used the other gets refueled and visa versa

Ouch o.O



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Posted:We've done some parades but never solo.. W have one person carrying a wheelbarrow type troley and then the performers redip themselves...

We've thought about waist holsters to redip fingers and sticks but haven't come up with anything that wont drip fuel all down your legs if you're jumping around...


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Posted:I remember growing up seeing a bublle container designed to be dropped with out spilling, can't remember how it works, but might be worth looking into.