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hello. i know everybody prefers different kinds of fire hoops or to even make their own. Im planning on getting one soon and ive heard the most positive responses about "Cosmic Fire"'s hoops.

what do you prefer or think is the best?

how do you feel about collapsible fire hoops?

or fire hoops with removable wicks?

which is best?! help me! thanks!

JayKittyGOLD Member
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Ok, so I'm going to put out that I'm hardly an expert on fire hoops. But my girlfriend is, so by proxy I know enough. SO. The hoop in the link above looks pretty good. 2 pounds for a hoops is a solid weight, its going to have a nice weight to it. I think its bearclaw that has a wick system thats not only removable, but are bendy and flexable. A problem with fire wicks is that if you hit the ground, lean the hoop on the wall or put any kind of odd pressure on the tines, they get bent out of shape and give the hoop and weird feel. There is nothing wrong with a collapsible fire hoop, perseonally i perfer a one piece though only because I like pretty tape colors. And as far as removable wicks, I think its a must.

One more time, I've watched fire hoopers play for a few years now and do a little bit myself, but I'm not an expert, and hoop is one of those things that is like a fingerprint. Get some plain hoops first and see how your stlye is. Small and fast movments, slower and more graceful, dramatic or what have you. Big hoops, small hoops, light hoops, heavy hoops. Its all up to you.

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We got our firehoop around a year or so ago.
At first it was very very heavy and we had trouble witgh it but I've now come to love the heaviness and cant stand 'normal' hoops now.
Our other hooper however finds that it is still too heavy. She's 5'2 and I'm 5'3 and were both <50kg so that also comes in to it.

We got a detactable one 3 pce with bendy detactable spines... black bendy bits nearest the hoop then metal.

I would say - trial a hoop of that weight first. You might be able to hoop for 30 seconds but really you should be able to hoop with it for 5 mins flat without getting tired and strained.

We have never realy collapsed ours. 3pce isn't small enough to fit in my 60L backpack and we can't transport used fire equip in Aus anyway, too hard. So I wouldn't bother about collapsable if we were gonna buy another one.

Bendy spines are a must. Ours are bendy but one is still broken. So enough bendiness to survive a hit against something in full spin but not enough to warp out of shape.

Removable wicks are also a must. I find it easier to dip the wicks THEN screw them one that dipping them once they're on the hoop and covering the hoop with fuel.

We;re looking to make ourselves some. Just an ordinary blue line pipe hoop, drilled hole straight through, wire wrapped through and around, wick on end and padded tape over wire.

You can make one yourself for a lot cheaper than people are asking (though without the collapsable etc)

Then you can make it as larger or light as you want.

Charlie FoxPLATINUM Member
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Check out this site or others like it, lots of very experienced hoopers.

Flexible wicks are a must, otherwise, when/if they hit the ground they can bend or detach (whether or not the designer intended them to be able to ;))

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hamamelisBRONZE Member
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I recently got one that's 6-piece collapsable, and it's really easy to transport (put together, I doubt it'd fit in my car, but it's fine in a carrier bag in bits..)

Removeable wicks do make it easier to dip, as well as transport (if they're on the outside, they're more likely to get bashed around) just make sure they're firmly fastened on, and won't come loose when it's lit...

Personally, I'd be a bit wary about buying a fire hoop without getting a proper look and a play with it first- they're expensive, and if it's too heavy, that would be rather annoying! Do you know anyone else with the same model, if mail-order is the only option?

Hope you get a good one, and have fun anyway smile


If that's okay with you?

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I got mine second hand from a friend, and she got it from Iron Gypsy in the US.

Mine is a 6 piece collapsible - 6 circumference tube pieces, 6 solid wick spokes. You slot the tubes together, and use the wick spokes to screw it in.

My wicks are quite a bit bigger, closer to the size of a wick on pixie-sticks (the tiny double staves). This is good because they last a lot longer. The spokes are solid, not bendy, but definitely large enough so that if you are drop it, they're not going to get out of shape.

It's a bit smaller in circumference than a lot of the other fire hoops I've seen, so moves quite quickly.

The tubing itself is naked, so very slippery. You'll need to tape it yourself. I've just added a strip of tennis racket grip round the inside of each tube.

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So I'm a beginning hooper myself, and am here to share what little knowledge I know:

First of all I'd go with collapsable cause the main use of a fire hoop is for performance so it has to be able to travel. And a hoop in a car, or on a plane is not good for long amounts of time.

Also with weight it depends on ur style, wider and heavier hoops are slower more hypnotic and graceful. Lighter tighter hoops are faster, flashier and impressive.

Another thing I've found that's awesome is this: You can buy LED hoops right? And you can buy Fire hoops right? Well at Trick Concepts(.com) you can buy an LED FIRE HOOP!! grin How awesome is that!?!?

ALso I'd personally go with the stiff removable spines. apparently a lot of people like a bendy spine but on mine itd get all twisted up and nasty in no time.

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Before you buy anything, read this page...

As a fire hooper myself, I highly recommend Cosmic Fire - their hoops are made by hoopers, for hoopers and therefore are lightweight in terms of fire hoops (around the same weight as an average hoop), making them much easier to use. A lot of professional hoopers use Cosmic Fire.

It basically comes down to what you want to use it for - if want to do (or learn to do) lifts and off-body moves, Cosmic Fire are ideal, because they're lightweight and act like a standard hoop. If you're just hooping around the waist, it doesn't matter terribly about the weight (though make sure you get a size to suit you). I personally wouldn't buy a collapsible, as I haven't yet come across one that isn't ridiculously heavy. I don't have any problem transporting my fire hoop, as is.

Hope the info helps & good luck! smile

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