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Igneas Tempestas
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Posted:Hi everybody!

First post so go easy on me! I've been spinning with sock and LED poi for a few months now and i'm looking to see if there are any meets of people in the area? I live in Pontypridd but work in Cardiff so getting there is no problem.

I've seen older posts dotted around about people meeting on the green outside the Musuem and City Hall on a Sunday, does this still happen? and how many people go there? Is it worth popping down to say hi and pick up some tricks?

Thanks in advance!

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Posted:Hello there. Iv recently moved to cardiff. Been spinning poi for a fair while now and will be looking to meet up and spin with others from time to time. my job keeps me very busy so i wont be able to meet that regularly but look forward to the times i am free.


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