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Posted: Hey guys sorry if this post has already been brought up, i did search for it, but at the same time im currently filling out apps online so i'm starting to get kinda lazy bout reading. 4th one today, online apps suck, they take like an hour to do.... *sigh*...
My question is today in the mail my new Poi just came in.
br>Its for my bday but my bday doesnt come for another cpl weeks and i was just checking out the stuff and making sure everything was nice and to my liking. I'm use to homemade Sock Poi, but i ordered the cone Poi with 2 leather loops for handles.
i how ever dont really care for the handle.

i am use to Sock Poi and made the knots at the bottom so it seems that i would probably enjoy the ball handles alot better.
br>i was curious if i could switch the ball handle out with the loops on the set i bought or if i should suck up the two loops for handles

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