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Captain Hazzard
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Captain Hazzard

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this advert is in my local paper today, (thurs 19 june).
it says
PHONE 01736 740340

hope it helps someone

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Posted:its just a shame my name is jon and not steward.



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Posted:he he he.
Yeah quite a few of my mates are stewarding this year, altho it seems pretty shambolic at the mo, they only found out for sure a few days ago and it looks like they're not going to do the off-site training like they usually do.

btw, some guy mailed me at work today(from my work) offering me a ticket for 450! He said I'd have to be quick cos he's had loads of interest......shyeah right.
I was quick to tell him to pi55 right off and gave him a mini-lecturing on how it was people like him who were ruining the festival....bloody muppet. Loads of interest at 450? I think not!


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