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Posted:hello everybody
in Rome we're getting a lot of problem and a new law is coming for destroy the "street art".

The new law says:
- no amplifier
- no drum, no percussion, no trumpet, no winds (say goodbye to nay brass band)
- no more than two people (say goodbye to any trio or quartet)
- in the evening just two hours of permission from 7.30 to 9.30 (actually now the artists use to start the shows at 10!!)
- no shows during public holidays (like Christmas or Epiphany...)
- no shows closer to any monument or church (in rome everywhere there is a monument, every square got its church, really there are about 400 dioceses in the city)

So we'll starve.
Street artists and buskers togheter create a petition for asking to review this absurd law.
Help us signing the petition

thank you very much

thank you very much

ॐ shanti shanti shanti

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Posted:thats rubbish, local governments always try to destroy public creativity.

good luck with the fight!

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