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Posted:Hey guys I'm heading to Thailand from KL in the next couple of days where I will be studying to get my yoga teaching certs. As I will be on Ko Phangan I wanted to go to a few parties to breath and spin some fire. I was unable to bring my staff with me this time but I want to find one or make one out there. If anyone know some good details on where I can find one or the materials to make it would be very helpful.

Also if any one else is out there hit me up and lets get together for some practice. smile

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Posted:ouch that one came a bit late to me... always perfect to meet people in Bangkok in Pra Sumen Park (the park actually has a different name but it is at the corner of Pra Sumen/ Pra Artit)... before sunset spinners and jugglers meet there. If you go, don't take booze or cigarettes (or at least don't consume them there as it is prohibited).

Make sure you cease your activities and stand up like everybody else when they play the national anthem at 6pm.

In Phangan you may find AndreaLee just one beach up on the East from Haad Rin... (Haad Tien??? soorrey forgot the name)... Andrea is here on this board, if you can't connect to her, try Ronapotamus or Clare.

Try to stay away from Rin as much as you can... it is a bit... funky...

Chok Dee hug

the best smiles are the ones you lead to wink