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I recently got a kitten a couple weeks ago,sadly my parents wont allow me to get an animal, so i hide him up in my room with me due to the fact my parents are just simply to lazy to come up stairs 95% of the time.
I haven't ever had a cat that started out ( in my home atleast) as a kitten. I've had 2 cats and when i got them they were already over 2 years of age.
so i have a couple of questions.
1) Does your cat/kitten act like he/she smoked crack, run around all crazy like playing with anything and everything that will move then shortly coming down from his crack high and cuddleing up next to you?
2) During this crack high does it even seem like they might be hallucinating and start trying to play with nothing but the air?
3) I've been wanting to get my kitten declawed, due to his sharp claws, but i looked into it and it is an actually surgery rather than a trim. I don't want to put my kitten under for surgery, hes just to cute and playful, but yet i need an alteranative to this kitten scratching maddness, any suggestions?

As well as pictures of your kitties =)

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1 and 2 - yep standard cat behaviour - also includes sitting in boxes for no reason whatsoever and crawling into dark spaces/paper bags/ the washing machine when possible

3 - had a few cats, and never declawed them - I think of it like having your fingernails pulled out - also its pretty important for climbing trees, killing things and fighting (popular cat pastimes) - suggest you either invest in chainmail/leather gloves or get something else for him to 'kill' like a catnip mouse

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Yeah i just thought it merely as cutting nails until i researched it. So i choose not to get them declawed. but on the other hand he wont be climbing any trees or most likely not interacting with any other cats.

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It can be exactly like cutting nails. Get a pair of nail clippers (you can even go to a pet store and get fancy pet claw trimming scissor things if you're being all fancy, but nail clippers work fine); during one of those not-mad moments you can gently squeeze your cat's paw (in a top-to-bottom not side-to-side way) to get the claws showing. Look carefully at the claws, there's a slightly translucent claw shape within the claw. As long as you don't cut the claw back into that part you can trim the claws with the nail clippers - 5 on each front paw (the "thumb" is further up the leg) and 4 on each back. You'll probably find you need to do the front more often than the back. Start doing it now, and do it regularly so your cat gets used to it, then the getting scratched as you try will stop.


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