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Posted:hi guys well to start off my names Ryan and im a medium-advanced spinner ive been spinning fire for about 1 year now and up till today ive been using home made fiberglass fire poi, and well im sure you could guess it a pain. so ive recently come into some money and im looking to expand my fire arsenal. i want a set of poi that are going to produce a huge flame without dislocating my arm socket ( gorilla fists ) im relatively strong so ill be able to handle 3.5 monkey fists but im not sure if they'd produce the largest jaw dropping flame. The products im considering buying are the Isis poi from salza, 3.5 inch monkey fists from hop or the mega cathedrals also from hop. so let me know what you guys think will produce the biggest awe factor and if you have any other suggestions let me know, just try to keep it under $200. THANKS!


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Posted:large surface area makes a bigger flame and from the few pics I've seen, the Deathstars on HoP make the most insane amounts of flame. Course that breaks your budget.

Isis and mega-cathedrals would offer more surface area than 3.5 monkeyfists, but monkeyfists would offere a longer more conistent burn than the cathedrals. Out of the 3, I'd say Isis would be what you're looking for.

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Posted:thanks alot man, thats what i was aiming for too, plus there so sexy. sweden fire poi = love. probally going to switch out the chains add some hand made leather loops and ball bearings at the handles. perfect.

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Posted:Sorry if it's against the rules to post other sites, but I have seen YouTube videos of these and I'm not sure if they can rival the quality, but surely they rival the fireball size of the 3D Death Star.


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Posted:That one claims to have a long burn time because of the high surface area... logically the opposite is the case. More surface area means more fuel burning all at once, if you're burning more fuel all at once then you'll end up with a shorter burn time.

These would be a lot more unwieldy than the death stars and would very likely look quite weird when getting toward a low burn time.



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Posted:I'll throw in for Isis.
The mega cathedrals are a little too heavy for my liking. Isis are a nice weight for control and poise as well as having a big flame.

I have seen poi similar to those cannon ball poi and they do have big flames! but their burn times are short and they said on that site that they were flexible so I wouldn't trust that for durability.
it depend on weather you want them for the last minute of a fire performance or something you can play with properly.