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Posted::Above the head hybrids:
A few weeks back I watched Nick Woolsey's video on "no beat windmills". Essentially its spinning split time same direction with one plane behind your head and the other in front. It looks like a windmill but each plane only stays either in front or back. What I found is if I drop the plane behind my head a bit, say just below my neck. I'm able to preform hybrids. So say your doing a no beat windmill, the Poi behind your head you drop it as low as you can go. Then with the Poi in front you either follow the Poi head and preform a linear extension hybrid. Or you can do opposites and preform a antispin flower hybrid with your hand following the Poi. I thought it was a nice effect. Cheers!

:Isolated fountains:
Has anyone seen these? My isolated 3bt weaves just recently took off. Anyways,in a few videos on youtube I saw Thomas isolated around his shoulder. I decided to give it a go. What I found is that I can almost isolate an entire fountain around my body. Has anyone ever seen one done completely? Its much like an isolated buzzsaw fountain but instead of all of the inner spins the Poi jump in front and behind your body. It adds a nice effect!


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Posted:Sounds good, I'm going to have to play with isolated fountain later me thinks grin

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Posted:yes the isolated fountain is doable,
most people get messed up on the turn.
if you have clubs, use them to slow everything way down and move very slowly through the turns, which are most easily done at the high and low points of the fountain.

i would practice isolating a buzzsaw fountain before isolating a weave fountain.

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