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Posted:Coming to Japan? Join the growing spin community in Japan for Spin Matsuri

October 9,10,11 - 2009

Day passes and Retreat tickets avaialble NOW!
Discounts for group tickets!!

Rise and shine in the stunning Japanese forest with yoga classes, spend the days absorbing new forms of dance and play with workshops from some of the worlds most vibrant instructors, then spin into the night with colors, costumes and creativity. Spin Matsuri promises to be a weekend to remember: swirling LED lights, fire play, ecstatic movement and positive connection.

Spin Matsuri 2009 will be held at Seimei no Mori Resort in Chiba, just 90 minutes from Tokyo. Surrounded by lush forest and grassy expanses, youll stay in cozy wooden cottages, fuel yourself with vegetarian-friendly buffet meals, and enjoy the athletic atmosphere of the Nihon Aerobics Center (NAC). The resort offers spa treatments and features a training gym, swimming pool, sauna, and other amenities for our use.

Instructors from Japan and around the world will join the Spin Matsuri to share their talents and love of flow arts.


Beth Lavinder Williams Hoop Path

Bunny Hoop Star Hoop Empire

Bunny Hoop Star is a multimedia artist, Intergalactic Space Babe, and founding member of The Hoopaholics, Australias one and only hulahoop troupe. She has been hooping for over a decade. Drawing inspiration from both the Circus Arts and from the US Hoop Dance scene, Bunny merges the two influences into a unique hybrid hooping style.

dd Hoop Love - Hoop Lovers

dd Hoop Love is passionate about bringing the art of hoop dance to the diverse international scene in Tokyo. Her desire to connect people through dance, music and fun fueled the creation of Hoop Lovers. dd Hoop Love's mission is to inspire global beings to find their true potential through movement and self-expression via the all encompassing benefits of hoop dance. Her development of a fun-filled and joyous hoop community in Japan and the rest of the world is an undying love that strengthens with each day and hoop session.

Miss Rosie Hero Hoops

Miss Rosie, a fitness educator, founded Hero Hoops, a San Francisco-based hoopdance education company, in 2008. She is renowned for integrative hooping style incorporating a variety of dance techniques with a high degree of hooping skill. She has taught workshops at Hoop Camp, Fire Drums, Hoop Convergence, and her own Movement Play.

Rainbow Michael - Cosmic Fire

Michael is the founder and creator of the Cosmic Fire dance troupe. He has been fire dancing for 6 years and manipulates time and space with a variety of props: hoops, poi, staffs, and trapeze. He has been featured in 4 instructional videos, make and sells his own fire dancing equipment and teaches workshops all over the United States.

StinaSparkle - StinaSparkle

Christinas background in dance brought her to the hoop in the summer of 2008 after having done choreography and dance instruction at schools in the UK and Japan. She is a qualified Hoopnotica instructor and teaches at the US military base in Yokota, Japan. She performs with The Tokyo Hoop Stars and the Spinbirds.

Yuta Poi Community

Yuta took up poi in Australia in 2003 and founded the Tokyo-based Poi Community group in 2005. His poi spinning style is very smooth and balanced which is unique in the poi spinning world. He shares his skills and connects communities all over the world by performing and teaching workshops, including the Japan Fire Festival.

Shanel Catasti

Shanel is a qualified Registered Yoga Teacher with ten years experience. She trained in 2005 through Cambridge University at Body Primo Studio, England. Shanel currently practices in Japan.

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Posted:Is this likely to run in 2010? I am travelling to Japan for most of September next year and possibly some of October if i rack up enough leave!

Any chance this might be on in September 2010 if it does? I know it's a big ask as it's so far down the track but! grin


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Posted:Keep in touch Brenn and check out the Spin Matsuri www.spinmatsuri.com or Hoop Lovers www.hooplovers.com website for updates. The community is growing so it is likely to become a yearly event!!

Hope to spin with you while you are in Japan!


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