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Asia's Largest Cultural Festival- Mood Indigo, IIT Bombay,(21st to 24th Dec. 2009,Mumbai India) invites amazing poi performances to stage their amazing talent in our festival. The performance can range from solo street performances to group stage events. Do mail back to for more details. Online brochure:

Mood Indigo has become a cultural giant of sorts, attracting over 60,000 footfalls every year from more than 500 colleges, hosting over 150 competitions, workshops, interactive sessions and international artists from all over the world showcasing their unique talents. Other performances this (2009) year includes rock legend Porcupine Tree. In the past we have witnessed enthralling shows by the Ensiferum- Legendary folk metal band from Finland, Korean B-boys, No-Fit-State Circus from UK, Jan Akkerman from Netherlands, Zakir Hussain, an internationally renounced Indian percussionist, and many more.

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