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I am just so damn excited I have to share this. I have been spinning for about a year. and I really am not very good. but something happened last sat night, I am not sure what, but I went off. I was spinning for about 2 hours and I did things that I just simply cannot do. I was actually dancing...I could no longer feel the floor and I couldnt hear anything. I was lost in a a world of perfct planes and figure eights, luckily my poi mentor ( my name for him, not his ) and a houseful of friends got to see it, otherwise I dont even think I would have known I had done it. Firstly to hear the person I look up to say - wow that was amazing - was incredible. secondly, those of you who have read my few previous post know that all I have ever wanted was to dance and I was starting to doubt that where I wanted to go was even there. It is, I was there, and it was more than I couldve ever dreamed.

Once more devoted to Poi

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its happened again..

somone else has been walking with, and amongst the gods.

(i managed to get that sentence into my general studies exam today as well!!)

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Congrats Tia! it takes a while to get true flow going on.

Lovely feeling isn't it?

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I know there.
poi, thats what its all about, that feeling.
remember it, even though you could never forget
been there o so few times and never for such a long time.
although there time tends to stop.
the memory of each one stays with me for years.
Smiles for you, cos I can't describe it in words.
extension of body... poi on rails...

again....one day....

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Yup, yup .
I wanna go play now.

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.

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You entered the zone

May your balls always burn

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Cool U totally zoned out time and space stop and you the poi and the entire universe become one now that's somethin we should all experience at least once hope you get to go back there soon

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