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Posted:Please can someone give me advice in putting together a Poi routine?
I help at the local Brownie unit and we are putting on a show for the parents later this term.
I would like to take my glo Poi down and do a simple routine, but don't know how to even start!
When I'm spinning normally, I tend to do a lot of 3bw, and not much else!

The moves I can do are -
butterflies (the simple one!), shoulder reels, hip reels (opp directions, outwards circles only), 3bw and I can turn round (using large circles)
I do aim to build up my repartoire of moves, but that is what I have at the moment, and am confident doing!

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Posted:put on some of your favorite music to dance too, turn off the lights if your using Glow Poi, or just be outside and jam the f**k out. no routines, just flow. you will have much more fun as a beginner.




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Posted:There are a couple pointers on this in the Expressive movement / costumes and props forum.

Otherwise, I agree with philis. Just move, do not get too hung up on doing a setpiece.

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