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Posted:Hey everyone I need to let you know that someone is hijacking email from HoP and using it to send out a virus. It happened to me, and just recently to the addy. So, if you get an empty email with a plain text message attached, do not open it without scanning!!!!

There is also a messaged one that says "Mysli!" a few times (which is Czec, but I don't know what it means)

I solved my issue by changing my password, so it is a good idea for ya'all to as well.

You may now resume your normal antics...this has been a public service announcement provided to you by Pele and HOP: bringing a touch of light to the world.

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Posted:"mysli" is a transliteration of a russian word, it means "thoughts".


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Posted:Unfortunately, yes.
Some viruses actually grab the senders address randomly from the infected computers address book.
I highly recommend everyone have some sort of virus protection. A "fire wall" is also a very good idea.

Keep safe everyone

Kindest regards


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Posted:cheers guys

now where did i put my hard drive again but the cable doesnt fit into the fire wire port rob


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"Mysli!" means "Use your loaf!,Think!"...Im
amazed what Czech hackers made.



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