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Posted:Hey ya'll!!
I'm pretty new to poi, just bought my first set a month ago.
I will be in Austin, TX for the next few days and would like to know if there's any shops that sell poi in Austin, or if there are any performances over the next few days.
Thanks everyone!!

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Posted:personally, I'd advise making sock poi. Get a pair of socks, I use knee length but I imagine shorter ones can be used, fill 2 balloons with rice or flour to whatever weight you want, put 'em in the socks et voila.

Failing that, in my experience over in england you'll wanna try and track down juggling supply shops or order off the net from places like HoP

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Posted:I already got some of the LED poi and some socks from HoP, If there's a shop in Austin, I just really want to stop in.


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