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Location: Russia, Saint - Petersburg
Member Since: 16th Jan 2009
Total posts: 39
Posted:This is my new video. Not good tech, but I hope to you it will be pleasant.
In the end of August I will share new technical video with new moves.

No eat, no drink, no sleep, no f**k! SPIN! SPIN! SPIN!

person who like to spin all gears
Location: Germany - Dsseldorf
Member Since: 10th Sep 2008
Total posts: 62
Posted:great video and you really want to share a new video? I think most of the people heads are still burning because of the Input you gave them.

Look forward to see you live at any festival in Europe hopefully near Germany wink


Location: home of eburon
Member Since: 14th Aug 2006
Total posts: 14
Posted:very nice video!! no good tech....??? looks fine by me, i like your style very much.
looking forward too the next video

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Defeats the purpose
Location: Washington, DC USA
Member Since: 18th Jul 2007
Total posts: 72
Posted:AWESOME to see how you flow. I loved your first video and seeing how you move between tricks is quite a treat--please keep posting!



Member Since: 7th Apr 2009
Total posts: 5
Posted:Excellent smile

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